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The advantages of investing

What to invest in?

Comparison of return rates for different types of investments.

What to invest in?

What is the best financial security for retirement?

What to invest in?

What is the most important thing when trying to save up for future pension?

What to invest in?

What is the safest form of allocating savings in times of crisis?

Why investment in land?

Selected statistical data

The average price of 1 ha [2.5 ac] of land in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province in years 2004–2016

Increase in the value of agricultural land in Poland in selected years.

Comparison of the price of 1 ha [2.5 ac] of land in 2012

Area of land per one citizen of Poland in selected years.

Investment process

Investing becomes profitable, pleasant and safe with us

Why Masuria?

Prices of land in attractive tourist locations are on a par with prices of land in large urban agglomerations.

The choice of Masuria is not accidental

The region was selected on the basis of thorough analyses and observations, among others, of the following factors:

  • The prices of land in the Masurian Region have huge value increase potential, following a global trend showing that the prices in attractive tourist regions will reach the level of prices in large urban agglomerations
  • The prices of land in the Masurian Region are definitely lower than those in the seaside and mountain resorts, while the process of the Masurian Region development is not much different from the other regions, which means that the most profitable years are still to come; great EU subsidies  granted for years 2014-2020 significantly contribute to a dynamic development of the entire region, including the tourist infrastructure development
  • The land prices in Poland are twice lower than, e.g. in Germany while the prices of land with lake shoreline are about 10 times lower in Poland, which is a huge opportunity for dynamic price increase and, at the same time, will definitely boost the demand for such land also among the citizens of other EU countries
  • Every year, the interest in tourism in the Masurian Region increases, which results not only from a unique nature of the Region but also from global geopolitical situation and distress, which in practical terms results in the increase in tourist investments in the Masurian Region, such as hotels, luxury residential estates, luxury apartment buildings and newly-built marinas. At the beginning of 2016, a new international Olsztyn-Mazury Airport in Szymanów was launched, which largely contributes to the increase of the tourist travel in the region
  • The area of land in the lake district is naturally limited and, when considering other constraints, such as ecological limits, it turns out that properly selected locations are real “Masurian gems”
  • Along the society wealth grow, people devote more and more time and financial resources to recreational purposes, which directly results in the increased demand and increased real estate prices in tourist resorts